Welcome to KOKOeye.com
Site where you can find my various works and projects.

Interesting pictures painted with oil,
watercolors and other materials
can be found in section Paintings.
reproductions I like to paint replicas of famous artists.
You can see some of them in section
Sculpture is my passion.
You can get familiar with
some of my sculptures in the
section Sculptures.
digital art I put selected  works of my newest
experiments with digital techniques
In section Digital Art.
Mini art. The small sculptures which i make using polymer clay are very interesting. I also make characters and cute little figurines which are suitable for decorations for phone, keychains and souvenir gifts. mini art
yoville avatars Yoville avatars. Extremely effective are the little copies of characters of popular games and movies. You can find some of my work with figures from the online game Yoville. The figures are unique. This work requires a lot of concentration and precision.
I hope you have fun and if you have any questions you can ask me here.